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regional sc1 championship

Heritage of the AM3 Association, this SC1 Regional Championship is the former M3 Championship.


It takes place in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, between Lake Geneva, Lake Neuchâtel and Joux Valley. It gathers all the SC1 catamarans with daggerboards in an inter-series ranking, based on SCHRS ratings.

Am3 mai 2014 7.jpg
Am3 mai 2014 6.jpg

Interclasses Swiss Challenge


Interclasses other Swiss Challenges


(*) Races Swiss Challenge by class/group will be awarded if at least 5 crews reach minimum criteria to be ranked: participate to at least 70% of the annual ranking calendar. Single ranking for each Class/group (inter-class ranking will not include classes and groups with stand alone ranking)
Eligible only crews registered to RACES.CH at 1st attended race.

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