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NACRA_15_Open European Championship 2021

The best Nacra 15 sailors of Europe will gather in Silvaplana for the 2021 Nacra 15, Open European Championship.

More than 50 teams are expected to compete on Lake Silvaplana, one of the highest and most beautiful lakes of Switzerland

Well know for it's windy conditions, this championship is bound to be an exciting one! 

Whilst we have all be eagerly awaiting the re-start of racing the Organising Authority is closely watching the COVID situation and will follow all Swiss Government guidelines to ensure maximum community safety. We’re also very mindful of our priviliged environment and promote us all to be ecologically aware in helping conduct our event in an improved, sustainable manor. Together we can make a difference.


Thursday, 1st July 2021 to Sunday, 4th July 2021

For the detailed program, have a look at the dedicated tab

Early arrival?

If you would like to arrive at the event site at Silvaplana prior to the 26th June, please contact the host Club, St.-Moritz Sailing Club, well in advance of travelling to check to see if this is possible.

Please contact



Silvaplana, Switzerland

Well known for its predictable winds, the lake of Silvaplana is a lovely place to sail at 1790m! surrounded by mountains. The Lake is thus very tricky with shifty winds. But don't be fooled by apparences, it can be very windy too !

Bonus: sailing in fresh water will be perfect to wash your boat !

But don't forget, coach boats will not be allowed on the water! (go to the bottom of the page to understand why, Tip #1)



This event will be organized by the Segel-club St.-Moritz, giving their all to insure the best event possible on the water and ashore. The coordination will be done by the Swiss catamaran association. 

- Lake Silvaplana -

Although the Segel-club St.-Moritz will be the organisers of this amazing event, your venue will be at the South-West corner of the Lake Silvaplana.


The Swiss Catamaran Association will be coordinating the event between the different players.

- International Nacra15 class association -

The event is also working in a close partnership with the IN15CA.

Where will you be on the lake?

All of the boats will be parked at the South-West corner of the lake Silvaplana, the whole corner will be stunningly arranged to welcome all of you.

Although your boats will be parked at the SW end, your start in the prevailing wind direction will be at the North-Est where its also popular with the kite surfers enjoying the great breeze.

Beach Club Sils.jpg


If you still want to look for other accommodations, you can still have a look on Silvaplana Tourism website: HERE


In Silvaplana you have a few options when it comes to accommodation, it all depends on what mood you are in, you could be feeling like a nature person and go camping in one of the 3 great camping sites of Silvaplana or you could be feeling like sleeping under a reel roof and go stay in the youth hostel...


Coming from far away and looking for a charter boat for the event? The International Nacra 15 Class Association. They will be pleased to help you to find the best solution so that you can participate to this incredible event!



Tip #1

During the championship coach boats are not allowed! On Lake Silvaplana all boats with an engine are forbidden as the lake is a natural reserve with limited licences only being available for the race team and safety cover. Coaches will be able to very well support their sailors from ashore as the course and race team caters well for this unique set-up. Coaches, bring a bike, chair and definitely binoculars!! 

Tip #2

To complete entry both a WS Sailor ID number​ (after your registration the processing takes 1-2 days, If your country doesn't have a sailing license system you still have to enter a value, eg 1234 and then it works) is required along with current IN15CA Membership.

Tip #3

Please bring your own re-useable coffee cup and water bottles as single-use options will not be available. 

Tip #4

At the venue you will be able to park your car and trailer fairly close to your boat.

There is also a great restaurant called the Beach Club Pizzeria.

Tip #5

For all family and supporters coming to attend the event your best option to view the race is in choosing a good vantage point like Plaun da la RabgiusaNietzsches Nachdenkstein, or if you are feeling a little extra sporty you can cycle up and down the lake.

If you are more likely to stay at home you can follow the tracking of your favorite boat.

Tip #6

You have to pay to use highways, as soon as you enter the country. It's 40.- CHF (around 35€), even if you use them for only 5 km. If you want to save this cost, study your ride !

Tip #7

The currency used in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc. You can consult the exchange rates HERE

Tip #8


Voltage: 220-230 V / Frequency: 50 Hz

 Electrical outlet: Type C CEE 7/16 (2-pin) - Type J SEV 1011 (3-pin)

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