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formula kid

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Responsible : Clara Talabardon

The Formula Kid, has been designed by with an objective for juniors and grass rooting activity. 

Several Sailing Clubs and Schools in the world dispose of a small catamarans fleet simply because it is stable yet exciting, so the best platform to engage kids and develop theirs crew racing skills. 

While the Topaz 14 has been the preferred platform up until now, we would like to offer the possibility for all small catamarans fleets of different types that have been historically built in different regions and lakes.

Driven by our constitutional mission to promote catamarans racing at all ages and for multiple different boat types, any clubs disposing of 14’ catamarans fleets is invited to race together and discover the excitement of catamaran racing… enjoying the unique spirit and passion for performance with the “big brothers” of more established fleets and most experienced crews.


The first step to the future of catamaran sailing. 

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