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Responsible :

Guido Aschieri


The Nacra 15 was designed from scratch to the ISAF criteria to become the new official ISAF youth catamaran, as the older catamarans in this program need replacement. The Nacra 15 resembles a lot to its bigger sister, the Olympic Nacra 17. In fact, the Nacra 15 is a mini version of the Olympic Nacra 17, creating a pathway towards the Olympics.

The Nacra 15 carries two curved dagger boards that provide lift. This provides an extra dimension in sailing, as the Nacra 15 is a semi-foiling catamaran. More lift means; drag reduced means; more speed and excitement.

At high level, the Nacra 15 needs to be mixed. Since its launch in 2015 and the first events in 2016, Switzerland has proven to be a powerful nation with already a lot of amazing international results in this class! Here are some of them: 

  • 2016 Youth World Championship: 7th

  • 2017 Youth World Championship: 1st

  • 2017 World Nacra 15 Championship: 8th

  • 2018 Youth World Championship: 6th

  • 2018 Nacra 15 European Championship: 3rd

  • 2018 Youth Olympic Games: 10th

  • 2019 Youth World Championship: 10th

In the years to come, the Swiss fleet will be even stronger with more boats on the starting line, an Elite Team formed with the best crews and a proper championship in Switzerland! Let's follow the action!

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