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Responsible : Aurore Kerr

Formula 16 is a multi-manufacturer class for beach catamarans, designed for the 21st century.

The F16 design is modern with a minimum weight of 107kg and few restrictions on materials. Then costs are no more than for other race catamarans. The inclusion of an asymmetric spinnaker adds to the excitement. Moreover, by removing the jib, one can sail single handed, which gives even more opportunities of sailing experience.

The F16 design is fast. A light-weight platform, generous sail areas and an asymmetric spinnaker can mean only one thing: speed. In 2-up mode the F16 races the F18 class on elapsed time.

It is mainly meant for a crew between 110 and 130 kg, looking for a fast catamaran, wanting to do some nice regattas or just have fun on the water.


The development of the Swiss F16 class has just been incredible these past years, with up to 30 members and around 15 boats shared all over Switzerland. The climax was definitely the organization of the European Championship in Morges in 2017 with more than 42 boats present. With a nice atmosphere ashore and on the water, the F16 class is really friendly and accessible to anyone!

- 2021 F16 European Calendar - 

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